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Don't miss any more IR news! BVB Share makes it possible to get all IR news free-of-charge through an RSS feed. This makes it possible for you to receive all reports quickly, easily, and directly.

How does an RSS feed work?

RSS is an XML-based data format for the exchange of news and web content. Unless HTML pages, RSS files provide structured information without design and layout elements for automated processing. To use this free service, you need either a current web browsers with built-in RSS functionality (e.g. Firefox version 2 and above, Internet Explorer version 7 and above, Safari version 2.0 and above, Opera version 7.5 and above), a free RSS feed reader, or a special website (e.g. iGoogle) that you can personalise to fit your needs. To get more information about the use of an RSS feed and a selection of RSS feed readers, visit (BVB Share assumes to warranty for the correctness of the information; download and installation of the RSS or feed reader occurs at your own risk.)

How can I get the RSS feed of the IR news from “BVB Share?”

If using an RSS or feed reader:

Copy the following link and paste it into your RSS or feed reader.

RSS feed in web browser:

If you use an RSS-ready web browser and visit BVB Share, you will see the RSS symbol or the letters “RSS” in the address bar of your browser (the display depends on which browser you are using). Click on the RSS symbol or letters in the address bar of your web browser. Choose the topic “IR News BVB Share” and create a dynamic bookmark. Confirm your selection. In the bookmark menu of the browser you will then see the headlines of the latest IR news from BVB Share automatically. With an additional click on a headline the full IR news item will be displayed in the browser.