Figures remain under pressure from COVID-19

Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA generated consolidated total operating proceeds of EUR 358.6 million in financial year 2020/21 (previous year: EUR 486.9 million). The consolidated net loss amounted to EUR 72.8 million. The remaining losses in revenue as compared to the previous year were almost completely offset through savings in operating expenses. The larger net loss for the year was caused primarily by the reduction in transfer fees due to the sluggish transfer market and by impairments recognised in respect of assets held for disposal.

On the whole, consolidated revenue fell by EUR 36.0 million from EUR 370.2 million to EUR 334.2 million. The 9.7 percent decline in income was due mainly to the drop in income from match operations, conference, catering, miscellaneous, and merchandising activities.

"While the coronavirus crisis impacted revenue over only four months in the previous year, we have now had to live with the pandemic for an entire financial year. In light of that, this is an extraordinarily good result for revenue, which illustrates Borussia Dortmund's strength", said Hans-Joachim Watzke. BVB's CEO spoke of an "extremely daunting challenge, to steer the Company through a crisis that, this time, was not of its own making", and called on all fans to get vaccinated if they have not already done so, stating that this was "the key to everything". He also had a message for policymakers: "Now is the time to take bold decisions. You can't solve every problem by shutting everything down."

The main cause of financial losses was the exclusion of spectators at nearly every home match in connection with the measures to stop the spread of the pandemic. While just under 1.8 million tickets had been sold for the 23 home matches across all competitions in the 2018/19 season – the last full season before the pandemic – in financial year 2020/21 only 21,100 spectators were allowed into the stadium for three home matches. That represented a nearly 99 percent drop, which had a massive impact on ticketing revenue. Income fell from EUR 44.7 million in financial year 2018/19 to EUR 0.5 million in 2020/21. Conference, catering and miscellaneous income fell by EUR 28.8 million from EUR 36.6 million pre-pandemic to EUR 7.8 million. However, many match-day promotional activities which could not be run were replaced by other advertising content.

Income from advertising and TV marketing increased year on year despite the severe restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This increase was due primarily to the new agreements with the two primary sponsors Evonik Industries AG and 1&1 Telecommunication SE as well as with the equipment supplier Puma SE that went into effect on 1 July 2020. Borussia Dortmund also added another sponsor for its youth programmes: adesso SE.

"Borussia Dortmund is a brand worth advertising with", said managing director Thomas Treß. He then turned to equity, which amounted to EUR 232.6 million as at 30 June 2021. "We are on a sound footing", he commented.

The high-value transfer of Jadon Sancho to Manchester United on 23 July 2021 was not reflected in the figures for the 2020/21 financial year. Overall, gross transfer proceeds amounted to EUR 24.4 million, down a significant EUR 92.3 million on the prior-year figure of EUR 116.7 million.o. weit unter Vorjahresniveau von € 116,7 Mio.

Presentation at Annual Press Conference (German version only)